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Summer 2020 Eco-Beauty Trends to Watch

Mainstream beauty catches up to eco-beauty in a big way, leading to widespread benefits for Mother Earth and consumers alike. Summer 2020 eco-beauty trends bring into sharp focus a collective emphasis on prioritizing the planet with our pocketbooks.

A widespread (and growing) consumer push toward more Earth-friendly approaches leads beauty brands to make powerful, positive changes. The result? Summer makeup and skincare trends that consider all parties involved, human or otherwise. 

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Beach Essentials

No summer is complete without a trip to the beach. Plus, in the wake of COVID-19, an ocean visit might be one of the best ways to get outside while practicing social distancing. Make sure your experience is pleasant for all involved – Mother Nature included – with these top 5 eco-friendly beach essentials.

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Spring Greening: Fresh Ideas To Liven Up Your Space

It’s officially spring – a season of renewal and growth. All of a sudden, nature wakes up in excited anticipation of warmer months and sunnier skies. If you’re ready for your indoor space to reflect the healthy rejuvenation happening outdoors, then explore some of our favorite spring greening finds!