Nettle Fiber Grounding Yoga Towel
Nettle Fiber Grounding Yoga Towel
Nettle Fiber Grounding Yoga Towel

Nettle Fiber Grounding Yoga Towel

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The grounding, protective and fortifying properties of the nettle plant are imbued into this fiber. You can now incorporate this plant ally’s healing energetics into your yoga practice by placing this towel over your mat. Designed to fit on top of standard-sized mats, it’s a perfect edition to your gentle or restorative practice. Oh, and did we mention, Nettle Fiber is naturally anti-microbial?

Many of our clients and friends find this product so nurturing, they use the towel in their daily meditation practice or bring it to the beach to enhance their relaxation.

For an extra healing experience, essential oils may be added to the fiber for aromatherapy and additional bacteria control. We like a relaxing and uplifting combination of Lavender and Lemon.

10% of every purchase is returned to the women's collective to support their initiatives in preserving this tradition. 


  • 100% wildcrafted Nepalese Nettle Fiber
  • Dye free
  • Chemical free
  • Organic Cotton Thread
  • Ethically-sourced copper spiral
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Approximately 68 x 24 inches
  • Hand wash for best results or wash cold on delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.


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