Cookie Monster - Red Oolong
Cookie Monster - Red Oolong

Cookie Monster - Red Oolong

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Cookie Monster Oolong strikes with a potent aroma of vanilla custard and cookies, and sweet after-taste. High in polyphenols, this tea will trick your tastebuds—you might not want to add sugar! 
Altitude: 800-900m


Fujian province of China, which sits on the south-east coast, is the birthplace of oolong, black and white tea. Its landscape and culture are shaped by high mountains, whose steep slopes and misty valleys serve as an ideal climate for growing good tea. At Pào, we source teas directly from small farms run by family friends. Our teas are produced in small batches to make sure we can guarantee the quality of every tea we offer. 

Steeping Instructions

Western Method

For each person, take 2 tsp (~3g) and steep in 8 oz 194°F (90°C) water for 3 minutes. When finished, you can re-infuse the tea 1 to 2 more times.

Gongfu Method

Take 4 tsp (~5-7g) tea and steep it in a gaiwan at 194°F (90°C) for 10 seconds for the first infusion, then add 5 seconds for each further subsequent steeping. The tea should last for about 6-7 infusions.

Caffeine: Medium
Leaf Shape: Lightly Rolled
Oxidation: High


Store tea sealed in a cool, dry place, away from any strong odors. Tea kept under these conditions should easily last a year.