Men's Skincare Gift Set

Men's Skincare Gift Set

On Board Organic Skincare
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For the man who likes to groom himself, or the one who does it Monday through Friday. This organic men’s gift set is offered in both the carry-on and check-a-bag sizes. 

Filled with Organic Shaving Cream, Organic Facial Cleanser and Organic After-Shave Cream Moisturizer.

**photos are of the 4-oz check-a-bag size 

Product Descriptions:

Shaving Cream: This isn't your typical shaving cream. Perfect for the face or the legs. It melts upon skin contact, to instantly start hydrating your skin while leaving a trace to guide your razor. This hydrates, helps raise the hair to be shaved easier and reduces inflammation from shaving irritation.

Made with all organic ingredients consisting of coconut oil, castile soap, honey, beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera and other active ingredients.

Facial Cleanser: On Board Organic Facial Cleanser gives you that burst of citrus freshness, helping fight acne while hydrating and cleansing your face. 

Made with organic castile soap, organic honey, aloe vera, organic baking soda, apricot kernel oil and other active ingredients. Dampen face, shake the bottle and use approximately a dime size amount working into lather. Apply to face, gently scrubs, rinse thoroughly. Avoid getting into eyes. You will find yourself fresh faced and hydrated. 

After-Shave Cream: Made to soothe your face and neck after shaving, leaving you extremely soft and smooth. Also helps to reduce any inflammation from that morning shave, and prevent ingrown hairs. If a little scruff is your thing, this helps keep your face kissably soft. All around men’s moisturizer.

Made with organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, vitamin e, aloe vera, jojoba oil and other active ingredients. Comes with a fresh sandalwood scent.