Nettle Fiber Indigo Calming Shawl
Nettle Fiber Indigo Calming Shawl
Nettle Fiber Indigo Calming Shawl

Nettle Fiber Indigo Calming Shawl

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Wrap yourself in purity and protection with a beautiful hand-knit shawl from the Himalayas. Each piece is one of a kind and comes in a handful of beautiful designs created by the women of Bala. The nettle yarn is 100% wildcrafted and processed with no chemicals in harmony with nature.

10% of every purchase is returned to the women's collective to support their initiatives in preserving this tradition. 

Nettle is an ancient fiber that protects, fortifies and nurtures the spirit. The Nepalese villagers revere the fiber for its anti-histamine properties.

This shawl is botanically dyed with Indigo (Polygonum tinctorium). In Color Therapy, this cooling and calming hue of blue is one of the greatest antiseptics and anti-inflammatories in the world. Blue stimulates the throat chakra which is referred to as the "power center" as it is the primary place of expression and communication. 

This versatile shawl keeps you cool in warmer conditions, and warm during the cooler months. The most Eco-Friendly and Ethical garment in your wardrobe.

                            Wear Your Medicine™

**The fibers become softer with wear and wash. To soften on your own, hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Add a small amount of coconut oil to the water. 

**Disclaimer: As these shawls are hand-knit and one of a kind. Measurements and patterns may vary slightly.

  • No Chemicals
  • No Synthetic Dyes
  • 100% Natural Fiber that is Hand Harvested, Hand Spun, Hand woven in Nepal
  • Hand Dyed in Seattle, WA
  • Hand wash cold and air dry out of direct sunlight only
  • Exact design / weave may vary slightly
  • * About 60 centimeters x 200 centimeters